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Van & Man Removal provides commercial moving and relocation services in Dublin, Ireland. It also offers removal and moving of offices and other corporate spaces.

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Why chose Van & Man removal

The cornerstone asset of our commercial movers in Dublin, Ireland, is years of experience in the moving business. We know the in-depth aspects of the moving and relocation industry; this gives you a solid foundation for serving our clients. What differentiates us is our ability to relate to people personally while they are going through one of their most stressful moments. We firmly believe that connecting with our client’s requirements has prepared us well for working with our clients in the most pristine manner. 

We have been serving the region by moving offices in Dublin Ireland, travelling the nation and assisting with the completion of projects of all types for both private and public sector organisations. Along the road, we have also formed some extremely strong business partnerships, most of which are still going strong today.

Each relocation has its own special obstacles, but we have learnt to embrace those challenges and work to find answers in Dublin, Ireland. We stand out from a lot of the competition because of our can-do attitude. Having the flexibility to adjust as circumstances change, whether it requires bringing on extra help at short notice or working late to meet deadlines, we shall continue to provide best quality service to all of our clients.

IT and Server Relocation

These days, it’s rare to find a project without an aspect related to IT relocation. Some of these are rather simple, while others are more difficult. Whatever system you use, we can handle all of your IT and technology relocation needs because we have experience with the complete range of server and IT relocation projects in Dublin Ireland.

To make sure that your transfer proceeds easily and effectively, we employ a qualified team of IT project management specialists. Your downtime is kept to an absolute minimum because of the meticulous attention we pay to every little detail.

Please get in touch with us if you are considering moving offices and IT/server relocation is a crucial component of that move so that we can determine the best option for you.

Commercial decontamination and cleaning services in Dublin, Ireland

The level of cleanliness required at the workplace has to be raised in the present COVID-19 world in which enterprises currently operate. We provide all types of decontamination and commercial cleaning services as both one-time or continuous processes.

What We Provide

This technique involves quickly heating a solution of water and disinfectant to create a vapour that can be used to apply the disinfectant to nonporous surfaces. The heated, wet vapour is blasted out of a nozzle and interacts with the cooler air to create fog. This eliminates germs and viruses from hands-contact surfaces.

About the process

This technique involves quickly heating a solution of water and disinfectant to create a vapour that can be used to apply the disinfectant to nonporous surfaces. The heated, wet vapour is blasted out of a nozzle and interacts with the cooler air to create fog. This eliminates germs and viruses from hands-contact surfaces.

How often should it be done?

In order to stop the spread of viruses, we advise using this service more frequently in places with high traffic. However, it should be used in addition to routine cleaning and thorough cleaning, not as a substitute for them.

Is it safe?

To keep things on the safer side, we use only lab-tested and approved disinfectants that are not harmful to humans. The chemical we use is highly effective against Covid 19 as well as other bacteria and viruses. The potent formula of super antiviral disinfectant used by our team eliminates a variety of dangerous viruses in under 5 minutes.

When should you opt for decontamination of cleaning in Dublin, Ireland?

When the building is not in use, either on the weekend or in the evening, we would perform this procedure. If access is needed before the disinfectant has dried, we recommend wiping off all horizontal surfaces and equipment because there are small water particles on the surfaces, which would ordinarily dry over 5 to 6 hours. For the disinfectant to function effectively, all desks and work surfaces should be free of paper, etc.

Initial Steps

We advise conducting a site study to assess the requirements of your working environment. Together, you should decide on mutually convenient times to carry out the job and create a thorough risk and method statement and frequency of operation.

About the Van & Man -commercial movers in Dublin, Ireland

The team of Van & Man removal

Van & Man Removal is a commercial moving and relocation company based in Dublin, Ireland. We offer a wide range of services to businesses and individuals looking to move office or corporate space. We have a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to ensuring your move is carried out smoothly and efficiently.

We realize how moving from a distant location with all your office belongings can be a stressful procedure. We offer a free consultation to discuss your requirements and provide you with a tailored quote. We also offer a packing and unpacking service to make things even easier for you. If you’re looking for a reliable, professional company to help with your commercial move or relocation, then look no further than Van & Man Removal.

We consider it a great privilege to have assembled a team that completely comprehends the nature of office relocation in Dublin, Ireland. Our team members are constantly willing to go above and beyond to give complete client satisfaction. Whether it be residential or commercial removals, the sector is quite challenging. We have always insisted that in order to succeed, one must be passionate about their work. We are fortunate to have a team of people who excel at their jobs because they all genuinely love what they do.


What Our Client's Said

Here is a list of clients’ testimony that indicates why we are continuously working to make them more than happy with our services.

Fred Rodriquez
Fred Rodriquez

Project Manager

“things could not have got any better. As the CEO of my company, I had to make sure that the move to the new and better location in Dublin, Ireland is not just comfortable, but safe as well. Luckily, Van & Man removal made things child’s play. I appreciate their professionalism and the way they handled the transportation of servers and other critical electronic equipment for my firm. Much recommended.”

Audrey Stevenson
Audrey Stevenson

Marketing Staff

" They were quick, professional and efficient. The team was very diligent and I loved how they took care of my belongings. I am glad my friend referred the company to me and things went smoothly from there on. I highly recommend their services for all sorts of commercial removal and relocation services in the Dublin area"

Bennett Miller
Bennett Miller

IT Programmer

"Van & Man Removals are always on time and very professional in the way they go about their work. They are one of the few companies to offer competitive prices that we could find, and even with the low prices they offer, they maintain a premium level of professionalism."

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Yes, we can. Thanks to our resourceful service and fleet of efficient vehicles, we can safely transport your commercial belongings between lengthy routes. No matter wherever you wish to relocate in Dublin, Ireland, we can help you.

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